I don’t own the Art/ image. The Credit goes to the rightful owner the Artists. Just showing the wall of Magic is something like this woman does.

Chapter 18

The demon walks up and down that place that was given (arrested place) he was getting tired. He tried so many times to break the transparent walls (created with magic by Lady / Lord Lost) but he cannot break it so he stops and shout out “ Let me out, Let me out! You have arrested me now for more than a month! I have done nothing wrong, why are you punishing me” Every now and then he will scream to make himself easy. But no one comes to visit him.

Demon: – why does not a single living coming to this path I can ask for their help if I get one.

Then suddenly he senses someone present near the place, then he starts to shout for desperate help… Help me! Help me please I am dying. Someone please comes to my safety!! He continues to call for help.  Then someone comes to that place and asking him “why are you calling for help?”

The demon was happy to see at least someone coming “please help me!”

Stranger (covered in long hooded coat his nose and mouth covered with a scarf): – you must be bad… since you have been put here away from the rest…

Demon: – No, I am innocent please help me

Stranger: – then why you are here, what have you done?

Demon: – I did nothing wrong. I only tell the people here that if they want me to help them, they should worship me and their deities lock me here.

Stranger: – you anger them

Demon: – No, I don’t dare to… I am just asking the people will they worship me if I save them

Stranger: – how can you save them when you cannot even save yourself from this small thing (a transparent wall made with magic)

Demon: – this is not small. You try breaking it if you can

Stranger:- You know very well the deities were fighting against their enemy Rain. They both combine power to defeat him. Even for this small thing (Magic Wall) you cannot pass through tell me how do you intend to save Addicate from Rain?

Demon:- that’s easy, I only need to pass the message to him, he will fly like a wind back to Makedonia. When he did, I a demon will take the credit and know to the Addicate that I saved them. I will tell them I defeated him and ask him to go back to where he belongs. They will worship me

Stranger: – you are Just Demon?! What makes you think you can meet Rain

Demon:- Yes I am a Demon but I have a message to him a very important message to him

Stranger: – Rain will never take a message from a demon. If there is a message for him a messenger (upper-rank fairies) will deliver it to him. Demons are liars.

Demon: – How do you know how deities live? Who are you?

Stranger:- I am Rain

Demon:- hahaha you cannot fool me. I know Rain… (While he was laughing the stranger breaks the walls for him, Demon suddenly stops laughing)

Stranger: – I cannot rest cause your shouting and screaming now leaves you are annoying. Don’t ever come back here or I WILL LOCK YOU THIS TIME.

Demon:-  are you really him?

Stranger:- …….Leave

Demon (Happy):- ah! So it’s true, I meet you. I was told I use to raise you when you were young

Lord rain (Stranger):- you were told you raise me?! You don’t know yourself and you believe that?

Demon:- Yes, I believe that cause Darksky told me so

Lord Rain:- Hmmm… you think I will believe that? Trying to bring Dark sky’s Name to get my attention.

Demon:- Yes, I want your attention he sends me here he asks me to find you and tells you that he soon will get married to Lady Cloud.

Lord Rain (angry):- stop with your lying! You are bad at it…I know you are weak, but I will kill you if you dare lie to me with Darksky sending you…Let me tell you Lord  Darksky was hiding from me? He never wants to meet me

Demon: – I’m not lying everything I am telling you is the truth

Lord Rain:- now you even pretend to be him..I can’t stand your mask

Demon:- don’t you want to stop his marriage with Lady Cloud

Lord Rain:- if he wants to marry her let him it has nothing to do with me…I am destroying Addicate first

Demon:- Destroying Addicate?! Why?! Does that mean destroying Addicate is more important to you now than Lord Darksky?

Lord Rain:- yes it is and I don’t believe a single word you said to me. Demon

Demon (disappointed):- well, everything I AM TELLING YOU IS THE TRUTH.

Lord Rain: – your plan to be worshipped by Addicate was ruined?

Demon (disappointed and sad):- then, since I am a demon let me tag along with you. So you will not feel lonely. I can help you

Lord Rain:- fool there is nothing you can help me. Leave

Demon:- I have no place to go and I am here to find you please let me tag along and I am afraid of Lord Lady Lost

Lord Rain:- how dare you a demon want to tag with me?

Demon:- I can help you with the small thing so you would not have to do it yourself.. It’s me thank you for saving me…Please let me follow you from a distant. I promise I will not make any noise. Think of me I don’t exist.

Lord Rain:- I am hungry, go find me some food. I want to eat soul eater fairies

Demon (that’s me..But no, it’s not me, I eat deities):- Okay, I am going but where will I find you

Lord Rain: – I will be here don’t be late or I will eat you instead

Demon:- I will be back at first as I can, I don’t want to be your food. (Lord Rain was watching his back while he goes, “why did I free that Demon? Why I am not killing him and eat him instead)

While the demon was walking he regrets that his new life was a demon “Why did he transform me into a demon, why not a messenger again…my life will always be hard…But I am happy to be with prince Darksky” he looks at his feather that was present to him by prince  Darksky.


In Makedonia, he was looking for fairies and demons. He has a very strong power over all demons and Fairies. He looks from head to toe with each and every unlucky fairies and demon that he captures.

Fairies and Demons:- who are you? You are neither a deity nor a demon

Demon: – I am a demon, but I am supreme over all of you. I am like deities.

Deity: – let them go

Demon: – Death Lord Wakatennai! Why have you always been my hindrance?

Lord Wakatennai:- so you are that demon Prince Darsky save

Demon:- Yes, so you remember me

Lord Wakatennai:- I will never forgive you for trying to eat my father

Demon: – Yes, your father will be the perfect food for Lord Rain.

Lord Wakatennai:- why do you always been with the hardest deities to get?

Demon:- …

Lord Wakatennai:- this is my second time meeting you and I have seen your power you are no ordinary demon. You control over these demons and fairies like us. Who exactly are you?

Demon:- I am a Demon.

Lord Wakatennai:- you must be the one prince Lighting has warned us about. It’s your right the one who tries to eat his soul.

Demon:- Yes, but I am going to eat you now.. (He moves his fingers to command out the soul from Wakatennai’s body. Wakatennai was frozen and can’t move he calls for his mother to save him, she comes and she witnesses how the demon’s command the soul to come out. She is calling her friends to save her child; they attack this demon and bind his hand. They remove the mask as they want to see the face of this demon. They didn’t surprise at the mysterious good-looking face that is the face they all expect to see since he has the power to eat the soul of the deities. But they all decide to kill this demon now to end the danger to them.)

Demon: – Prince Lightning save me don’t let them kill me?

Lighting: – Now you know me when you are in danger?  you tried to take my soul, remember?

Demon: – I am sorry! Please save me. I don’t want to die

Snow (deity):- we have to kill a demon so beautiful like you. You cannot leave

Lighting:- where is prince Darksky? Did you kill him too?

Demon:- No, I didn’t. Why will I?

They all want to kill him, but prince Lightning asked them to free him. They were all angry, but after he convincing them they free him. They all see how prince Lightning looks at him full of Love. The Demon smile and his eyes fill with pride as he watches them all “what a pity you can’t kill me” they all mad at him but prince Lightning still defending the demon.

Demon:- Prince Lightning! Thank you for saving me a Demon.

Lightning: – you change so much.

Demon:- what do you expect from a demon

Deities (all of them who present there):- do you know this demon?

Lightning: – yes, he is Zebed the Lost.

Deities: – this is Zebed the Messenger? But why is he…

Demon: – I am a demon now. I am returning back to Addicate with this food (fairies). Will you protect me from them?

Lightning: – this was my last time I will protect you demon. You are no longer the person I love

Demon (smile):- you no longer love me?!! I will remember that I will watch my back from you as well. And not to get captured by you next time. I don’t want to be a prisoner to any of you. (He looked at them from head to toe before he leaves and he drags those victim/ fairies to become Lord Rain foods)


Horrible English?? ..Sorry  I try to write better, but I am sorry if you cannot understand.

I am novice both in story writing & grammar my first language is not English, so forgive me if tenses or grammar is not correct HOPE YOU LIKE

Thanks For Reading it >//W//<



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