My next Short Story

Hi! My next short story“Captain Shoushimi” I will post it on 3rd Feb 2018, it has few chapter, it’s about a Captain who hunts down the escaped prisoner while he takes a bath in the river in the territory of Mount. Lumthahding, the place where supernatural being lives the spirit speaks to him in his own reflection in the water and tells him he is not what he thinks he is.

 “this story happen in the vast land of Makedonia.”

I don’t own the image credit to the owner the artist


31 thoughts on “My next Short Story

  1. It’s darn great to hear you’re back 😀 I hope things are going well on your side 😛
    This had me excited at some points, especially when they reach the river, and the water talks 😄, ahaha~
    Thanks you: D

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  2. All I want to say is: thank you for coming back and thank you for introducing the Makedonia world the fantasy world 🌎 I feel like ever since I found this site I’ve have been on an emotional roller coaster ride eveytime a story is updated… but wow thank you ( how many times am I going to say this LOL) 🙆🙆

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  3. Yum it’s the second plate from dreamslover3, after “Story of Sky”.
    Thank you for the novel, just start reading. Hmmmmm…… I don’t know about this novel cause I am so attached to Rain and Zebed the feather the Demon

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      1. Yeah, you were right dreamslover3, I became attached after finding that the captain is from Makedonia and from my favourite place of makedonia the land of the spirits… I can’t wait to know what is he I was hoping the river will tell more about the origin of the captain… I am going to chew my lips up💋 and wait not so patiently.

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