Love Story of Bayan and Langshang (story by my friend Ana) Chapter 3


As luck favour him, the Commander of Rngam Kingdom invites the new recruit to be the bodyguard of the King. He quickly enrols himself for the said post.
The Commander address to the participant that they have to compete among themselves to know their strength and wistfulness.

Bayan was so engrossed in the Welfare of Langshang that without realizing he beat up the other entire participant and he left standing alone, without a scratch.

The commander was astounded with what he saw. So he decided to test him further.

So he called upon Bayan to question about his fighting skill but Bayan chooses to remain numb about it.

So the Commander decided to make him face the Shlur returnee (which is the best warrior of the Rngam Kingdom) but that also didn’t last very long. Bayan defeated them in a short span of time.

The Shur retune goes to the Commander and said that he was no ordinary man; he is either a God or a demon in disguise.

Meanwhile, Lanshang saw that the Pendant was shining brightly, she knew that Bayan was near her but she can’t see him except feeling his present warming her heart.

Knowing that Bayan was inside the castle of Rngam gives Lishang hope and strength to fight on, but she is still not in a good form to go in search of him.

It’s custom for the King of Rngam to meet the new recruitment, it is said that they both perform martial arts dance and swordsmanship.

The recruitment will put on a mask, so as the King will choose his bodyguard base on their performance.


To be continue…

Story by my friend Ana





13 thoughts on “Love Story of Bayan and Langshang (story by my friend Ana) Chapter 3

  1. I have been your faithful turtle reader, I knew your blog exist a few years ago I am already your reader since then, I read everything you published and I long have been subscribed to you through email, I don’t know a few months ago I always wants to leave my comment, but your RSS isn’t working, it gives problem to us followers to comment, I don’t know if you will be able to see my comment if you do please write a male couple protagonist, “YES! You heard me right! I WANT A MALE COUPLE” I don’t know where your promises to us, I am disappointed to see you ignore our request, while you publishing your friend’s story Ana of Bayan &Langshang, I enjoy this story too BUT you should not forget you too a writer you should not make us wait now with years, please do double release one is your friend story of Bayan and Langshang and the other is IDK whatever you write but please make it a male protagonist… I waited with years I was thinking you probably done but my heart burns with anger to see you don’t take a request if I had a power like most of your characters I am throwing at you with my fireblaze to teach you a lesson not to dissappoint your readers and save you from your new neck name as “DREAMSHATER3” HaHaHa…. Yeah! Yeah! I know you can thank me later

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  2. Thanks for posting your friend’s Ana story & updates!
    I’m planning to not read the update right away and make them pile ups so I can read many chapters in one go, but I can’t do it! I want to read so badly, so I just do 😩
    I can image the King smile from ears to ears having a great man and poor King he doesn’t know this man fight for his beloved not to protect the king. I can sense the king was in danger… I was wondering how is the baby? She falls from the sky is it death or alive? If she is human the baby will be gone but she is no human right? Wondering what will the baby look like in the bird form or human form… please tell me what happen to the baby I feels sad for both mother and baby

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  3. I check her blog and I want to leave comments in her posts Crumbling world and being me but her blog in the comment section did not gives us option us unless we sign in in WordPress please let her know we non worpress bloggers want to comment and ask her to change her setting and let us non wordpresser have a chance to communicate with her by leave comment without signing in with WordPress

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