Love Story of Bayan and Langshang (story by my friend Ana) Chapter 4

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The judge came forward to congratulate the victor. They ask him to remove the helmet and led him to the King.

Bayan removed his helmet only to reveal a handsome, deathly pale and blanking face young man. The crowd cheered and clapped, Bayan bow slowly to the King.

The king was amazed at his gracefulness, as he commanded to the commander to give him a Rngam uniform for he is now a respected bodyguard of the King.

Bayan shows no emotion to be given the highest rank.

Lishang in the other hand was more worried as her condition started to show, she was grateful as her child was safe inside of the dangerous fall.

The gamekeeper began to notice Lishang condition, as she has become more tired to fly for a short distance, or even staying put for a while, she likes to rest a lot and he craving for fruit increase

The gamekeeper was confused as to what might happen to her, that she was behaving like that.

Being the bodyguard of the King, Bayan can roam the palace as his will, he began to search for his wife in every nook and corner of the palace, but he has to do it very carefully as he doesn’t want any unwanted attention.

Bayan became the king favourite in no time because he was smart and strong and he knew what he is doing, Bayan also is discreet as to what he is up to.

One day the King takes Bayan along to see the bird (Lishang) he was telling him that she was his priceless possession and how he got it.

The king had a very special place for that bird named  ‘Jaka’ within the palace but it’s discreet.

As Bayan and the King entered, Bayan became emotional on seeing his wife, he saw her sitting sadly in the garden which is her prison, his heart is beating fast.

to be continue…

Story by my friend Ana


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