Slave of the Victor- Bl, fantasy Chapter 10

I don't own the picture/art credit to the owner the artist
I don’t own the picture/art credit to the owner the artist

One late night the drunkard General comes to the South Quarter and ask Sa to open the door, Sa lets the prince in and the drunken General gives him a beautiful big butterfly, Nux feels weird to see the general wants to give him this living butterfly in this late night, he accepts it and hold it in his hand “your highness! Did you really not recognize me? Even after seeing my true face? What do you plan to do with me?”

Prince Renius eyes’ light coldly flashed, his tone was chilly “I am happy to finally hear your beautiful voice, and I am not drunk, as you think, I just want to confirm if it was you the person I’m supposed to capture”

Nux tries to run, but he finds he can’t move his body, he instantly knows he was trick, and he was under a powerful spell he can’t control his body

Prince Renius watch him stunt and freeze, he can’t move his limbs “you can’t escape this time my dear, that beautiful thing you are holding was mean to capture you, I went to the Chief priestess to get that”

Nux struggle to break the spell but it’s useless “I did you no harm, why are you doing this to me?”

Prince Renius see Nux was uncomfortable, and he was in great pain after he touches the enchanted Butterfly “ you harm my Emperor and his child, did you forget the Emperor is my uncle he is my blood”

Nux startled, anxiously asked, “ how long have you know me?”

Prince Renius smirk and said “Honestly, at first I really thought you’re a woman and I really think of taking you as my wife, but after I look at the poster, later on, I can’t help but suspect you since you avoid to talk, I knew you must be Nux since you confess yourself that you are a man and you feed on people.”

A ghastly pale Nux whimpered “you got me, let me put proper clothes and not to dishonour myself…”

Prince Renius scoffed, “Who cares!… you can stay in this woman robes I like you more like this” hahaha… “Arah did a great job you fool me for so long.”

Nux was crouching on the floor exclaimed “free me from this spell, I will die if you would not remove this thing from me… I know the emperor give you a strict order not to harm me.”

“ Yes, he did but I know you are just pretending to be in this condition” Prince Renius lowered his eyes to the floor.

Nux in great pain took a deep breath and through clenched teeth “it’s hurting me, I will die, it drains my life essence…”

After some thought, Prince Renius replied, “you can’t-fool me, just stay still when morning comes I will take you to the emperor myself”

Nux took a deep breath and through clenched teeth said, ” it’s your imperial family loss if I die”

Prince Renius wrinkled his brows and snorted lightly “ you really have so much trick on your sleeves.”

Nux closes his eyes as he can’t do anything, the general was resting at the main hall, a sudden downpour occurred, coupled with the increasingly intense lightning and thunder, Prince the General comes back to check on Nux “What?!” Prince Renius startled, he broke out in cold sweat upon seeing, the view it scares him half to death, Nux looks pale and lifeless, he can feel Nux was freezing and hardly breathing, he tries to remove the butterfly from Nux.

Prince Renius too got serious injure while attempting to remove the activated spells of the butterfly from Nux, after a long struggle he managed to kill it and break the spells.

Prince Renius looks and examines him he shakes him “Nux wake up you can’t die yet, does this thing can really kill you?”

After a few minutes later he slowly opens his eyes, and he starts to breathe again, Prince Renius was happy that he was able to save him, and not to lose his head if the Emperor finds out

The whole night he makes sure he is warm, but he saw no matter what he does Nux was cold and sweating, he is having a fever, and he keeps telling Nux “I will save you”.

Nux with his eyes closed and weak voice he said ” you fool me many times I always believed in you, you do all this to save your head from the emperor’s wrath” He en clasped his hands so hard that his fingernails dug into his palms. At present, it was only the pain that could keep him cool and calm.

“Don’t talk too much just tell me how I can save you before it’s too late… I am sorry for hurting you…” Prince Renius calmly replied while bowing his head “I beg you please tell me how to save you”

Prince Renius came forward to firmly hold onto Nux’s shoulders and supported him up, “I will help and save you!… can you trust me?”

Hearing that, Nux’s eyebrows knotted together, what exactly did the general mean by that? with a small chuckle, Nux said “Let go of me! I don’t want to see you! You destroyed me”

to be continue…

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11 thoughts on “Slave of the Victor- Bl, fantasy Chapter 10

  1. I’ve just finished catching up on this story… the scary thing about the Prince is that he is willing to wait and I can’t predict his next move… I enjoy Sa Nux character, loved this novel thank you for sharing it with us and kill my dull day which I felt suffocated

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  2. Please don’t take him to the emperor… I don’t want the story to end😢 I hope the general will not fool him”I will help and save you…can you trust me?” 😣 what exactly is going on? 😞 will he safe him for sure?

    Liked by 2 people

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