Capt. Shoushimi Final Ch.4

  Capt. Shoushimi’s hair was style and done by the priestess as she helps him gets ready to attend his duty. “Do you love me?” Shoushimi asks her, but the Priestess just ignores him and walks away to perform morning Ritual. The Captain comes and disturbing her by hugging from behind “Zhuyon! You are the […]

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Captain Shoushimi Chapter 2

  Xingche  keeps his eyes on the beautiful princess he likes her but he can’t show it to her as their status is different, he always wants to ask her how did she know about him, and why did she want to save him, he never know about her but this question stays with him, […]

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Captain Shoushimi Chapter 1

  Status:- Completed Chapter 1-4 Nightfall, under the waning moon. The cold wind whistled. Aahhhh! The scream of a runaway prisoner was heard as he falls down in the cold freezing river, in the darkness of the night a mysterious red-gowned lady was seated on a blanket atop the snow, she was a Priestess, she […]

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My next Short Story

Hi! My next short story“Captain Shoushimi” I will post it on 3rd Feb 2018, it has few chapter, it’s about a Captain who hunts down the escaped prisoner while he takes a bath in the river in the territory of Mount. Lumthahding, the place where supernatural being lives the spirit speaks to him in his own reflection […]

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