While I was fussing with my work and writing, I found out that I am out of my paper I stand up searching for paper to use and keep on with my work. And so my eyes come down my old forgotten notebook 2014, I picked it up from my shelf I open it […]

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Collection of Short Stories

Because of her   A lady was knocking at the doorway of a new man in the Village. He opens the door for her. He asked her what she desires. She needed him to help her find her daughter she was missing while playing in the field along with her friends. He wants to look […]

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A haughty voice comes out “Where are we?  looks like we are lost, I am hungry and tired lets us rest for tonight and continue again tomorrow.” Banse: – We can’t rest now Young Miss it’s not safe, we have to keep walking South. Young Miss: – I never like you, I hate it that […]

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My Beloved Sister

  You’re born and its a blessing to us, all your 39 years, it a joy to us, you carried us, care for us, my beautiful sister, you take so much responsibility since you were very young, you make sure that we are happy and not harm, you sacrifice your precious time to be our nanny, […]

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